Course Curriculum

  • 3

    Applying the Writer-to-Reader Checklist to Your Writing

    • Writer-to-Reader Checklist Template

    • Applying the Writer-to-Reader Checklist to Your Writing

  • 4

    Examples of Business Writing

    • Examples to Learn From

  • 5

    Best Practices for Email Etiquette and Efficiency

    • Email Best Practices Part 1

    • Email Best Practices Part 2

  • 6

    12-Point Editing Checklist

    • Your Planning and Editing Checklist

    • Editing Checklist Point 1: State Your Purpose

    • Editing Checklist Points 2 & 3: Ask for Action, Make It Easy

    • Editing Checklist Points 4 & 5: Answer Reader Questions

    • Editing Checklist Point 6: Format for Easy Retrieval

    • Editing Checklist Point 7: Use Clear Language

    • Editing Checklist Point 8: Communicate in Clear Sentences

    • Editing Checklist Point 9: Eliminate Extra Words

    • Editing Checklist Point 9 Exercise: Cut Through Thick Writing

    • Editing Checklist Point 10: Use Active Verbs Primarily

    • Editing Checklist Point 10: Practice Making Passive Verbs Active

    • Editing Checklist Point 11: Use Positive Language

    • Editing Checklist Point 12: Use Correct Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling

    • Test on Errors in Grammar, Punctuation, and Usage

  • 7

    Course Wrap-Up

    • Course Wrap-up and Next Steps to Mastery

    • Your Evaluation of Business Writing Tune-Up--Please Complete

  • 8

    Writing Practice Assignments

    • Assignment 1: The Letter of Agreement

    • Assignment 2: The Customer Communication

    • Assignment 3: Meeting Notes

    • Sample Solution: The Letter of Agreement

    • Sample Solution: The Customer Communication

    • Sample Solution: Meeting Notes

  • 9

    Course Presentation Slides

    • 292 Course Presentation Slides

  • 10

    Resource Articles

About the instructor

Business Writing Expert

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston has helped thousands of employees and managers improve their business writing skills and confidence. In her corporate training career of more than 20 years, she has worked with executives, engineers, scientists, sales staff, and many other professionals, helping them get their messages across with clarity and tact. A gifted teacher, Lynn has led writing classes at more than 100 companies and organizations such as MasterCard, Microsoft, Boeing, Nintendo, REI, AARP, Ledcor, and Kaiser Permanente. Near her home in Seattle, Washington, she has taught managerial communications in the MBA programs of the University of Washington and UW Bothell. She has created a communications course, Business Writing That Builds Relationships, and provides the curriculum at no cost to college instructors. A recognized expert in business writing etiquette, Lynn has been quoted in "The Wall Street Journal," "The Atlantic," "Vanity Fair," and other media. Lynn sharpened her business writing skills at the University of Notre Dame, where she earned a master's degree in communication, and at Bradley University, with a bachelor's degree in English. She grew up in suburban Chicago, Illinois.